Driving Business Transformation

Let’s assume we have all heard (and at times delivered) the value proposition around Business Intelligence technology and its ability to centralize structured (and unstructured) data, driving business efficiencies that:

  • Enable agile decision making and empower business users to:
    • Save time from having to search for data
    • Perform self service analysis, driving better decisions
    • Automate and streamline processes

The question asked by most is “where do we start and how do we get there?”   Followed by, “what are other companies doing to address there data management strategy?”  To start, when looking at any technology initiative it comes down to company culture and management support.  In other words, if we don’t have buy in that technology is an enabler for change and if people don’t have strong user adoption (or aptitude) with existing systems or trust the data within them.  The chances of getting anything started and implemented successfully will be a challenge.


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