The term non-profit is not a halo

Nancy Lublin, CEO of Do Something Inc. , wrote a great piece in the December 2010 issue of Fast Company: “Why Charities Should Have an Expiration Date”

Basically, she writes more non-profits should consider shutting down their operations after they succeed at their original mission. I agree.

“Companies aren’t supposed to be immortal. For-profits go out of business all the time, for reasons good and bad, from fierce competition to poor management to an inability to adapt.”

“…given limited funds and pressing needs, our common concern should be maximizing our resources. A not-for-profit exists to cure something, address an issue, or elevate the status of a group of people; if and when that’s achieved, we should be done.”

“The broader principle here is that companies and organizations don’t exist simply to exist. A not-for-profit should ideally be not-for-perpetuity. We should not be donor-funded jobs programs. People give not because they believe in us as employable human beings but because they believe in what we do. Once we do it, we should wear a termination notice as a badge of honor.”


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